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By far our favourite way to be involved in real estate is through purpose built, long-term-hold rental properties.  Here are a few reasons why:

 1.  Building creates instant equity – The bottom line is that this makes your ROI better, so much better that in most cases you will gain a better ROI working with us than buying your own property at market value!  By partnering with the developer (us), our investment partners share in the equity created by building the property.  This is a great advantage over buying a rental property at market value and it also creates more security in the investment by providing a cushion from any market fluctuations.

 2.  We study economics for our investment purchases – To some it seems odd that we would study economics to inform our real estate decisions.  We believe that economics drive real estate, and by focusing on the main economics that affect real estate we can help ensure our properties perform well.  

 3.  We build a rental home –  We build the property to be a rental property, and make appropriate decisions along the way to save money either now or in the long run.  We use flooring that wears better, colours that show less dings and scratches, and choose our flooring choices in each room appropriately to name a few advantages.

 4.  We build in desirable areas – More desirable areas will attract a higher profile tenant who is likely to pay higher than market rent for our product.

 5.  We are the builder – When buying a “used” property, you have to worry about what the owner (or their friend’s-friend) did to the house.  Was it to code?  Does it look good now but it will cause some sort of damage in the future?  Is there an unknown mould issue?  We pride ourselves in our quality of construction and we also will stand behind it 100%.  In addition, a new home has less maintenance costs associated with its upkeep and maintenance as all of the major ticket items are brand new, which means no costly retrofitting or replacing furnaces, roofs, windows, doors or appliances.

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