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Why invest?

Please be advised that we abide by the rules of the BC Securities Commission in regards to those we partner with.

We have worked with investors on a variety of different styles of projects.  What is most important for us is to understand the goals and desires of our investors and to then find an appropriate project for them. From land only developments, to developments that include development of land and then construction, to long term hold rental properties, and finally borrowing funds short term, we have worked to find various pathways for investors to work with us.

What can we do for you?   We work with investors on a variety of real estate opportunities in Chilliwack.  Primarily we have preferred the following strategies:

  • Land Development and Sale – purchase, rezone to highest and best use, then service land to sell vacant lots to an end user.  An example of this would be The Perch.

  • Land Development and Construction for Spec Sale – purchase, rezone to highest and best use, service and then construct on the land to sell to an end purchaser (usually a home owner).  An example of this would be Redleaf Estates, and our Bristol Lane Project.

  • Land Development and Construction for Long Term Hold – purchase, rezone to highest and best use, service and then construct a building intentionally designed and built for a long term hold as a rental property.  An example of this would be many of our single family homes, Sunshine Drive and also Samara.

Each strategy appeals to a different type of investor based on their goals and risk tolerance.  Market conditions also inform if we are willing to undertake these projects.  To date we have not run any project at a loss.

Why work with us?  ​Over our years in real estate we have worked hard to identify how to run a project as efficiently as possible.  There are always still bumps and hiccups along the way due to the complexity of each project, but our experience helps smooth out those bumps.  


  1. Effective and proven systems to track our project so that the main things keep moving forward
  2. A great team of professionals we rely on and who are committed to come through for us.  From engineers, to architects and designers, trades to our legal team we have created good relationships with these professionals who will run through walls for us!

  3. A fantastic relationship with the City.  We have worked hard for years to forge strong relationships with City Counsellors and City Staff to create win-win decisions and situations.

  4. We work hard to understand where the market is heading and only step into the appropriate purchases at the appropriate time.  We understand the timeframes associated with development and the conditions of the market that help us make these decisions.​​

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