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Nick and Scott's work has also been recognized by the Real Estate Investment Network (R.E.I.N or REIN) in a variety of ways.


- In 2015 Scott and Nick won the "Innovative Investor of the Year" award for their unique and creative approach to moving their rental portfolio forward. Scott also won the "Michael Millenaar Leadership Award" for giving back to others.

- In 2013 and 2014 they both sat on the "REIN Advisory Board" offering

insight and feedback to the REIN leadership team to enhance and

increase the experience of the 3600+ REIN members.

-In November 2014 they were hand selected by REIN to participate in

advanced training to help mentor and coach people who want to enter

the world of real estate investing. Scott and Nick are both qualified

Real Estate Investment Advisors with REIN.

- In 2013, 2014 and 2015 they were recognized as some of the "Real Estate Investment Players of the Year" in BC for their commitment to taking action and achieving results in real estate.

- In January 2013 and January 2015 and October 2015 they presented their unique approach to investing in real estate at the monthly BC meeting as well as teaching on subdivision and construction  systems and strategies.

- Both Nick and Scott have been members on a variety of expert panels giving insight and advice to members seeking to take their investing business to the next level. Some of the panels they have been on have focused on moving your business forward, property management, getting started investing in real estate to name a few.

- In addition they have also both received a bronze pin in recognition of 3 properties, a silver pin in recognition of 8 properties, a gold pin in recognition of 17 properties transacted.

- They were selected through REIN for an award for their work in construction in 2012.

- They won the Diamond Pin Award in 2017 for 50 properties transacted.

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